Case Study YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities

Digital agencies and web developers are increasingly facing one-to-one website replatform projects. These types of projects usually involve switching the content management system (CMS) while minimizing the change of contents, design and look/feel of the website.

Recently, YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities (YGTC), one of the leading not-for-profit organizations in Minnesota and the third largest YMCA association in the United States went through a one-to-one website replatform project.In this blog post we will  go through  and  explain how BackTrac played a vital role in helping them to accomplish a successful launch.

YGTC ( has recently made the decision to replatform from an existing proprietary CMS to open source. The project involved migrating more than 2,000 pieces of content to the new platform while maintaining the look and feel of all of them. This is where BackTrac played a pivotal role in the project.

Through the content migration process to User Acceptance Test (UAT) phase of the project, YGTC was able to use BackTrac to create snapshots of all 2,000 pages from the legacy website and compared them to the new platform with contents migrated. Through this process they were able to identify visually defective pages.

First iterations were mainly used to  fix the stylings so that content differences can be eliminated.

The first comparisons (diff) generated looked like below. Notice the red highlight reflecting a significant amount of changes.

Through the process, slowly after a few content migration iterations the comparison (diff) showed reduction of differences.

Next, we focused on breadcrumb trails between legacy CMS and the new platform since it consistently threw differences in our image comparison. By excluding the breadcrumb on our comparison, we were able to better identify content changes.

Through multiple iterations the team wasable to make corrections to most content changes detected. This was only possible with the aid of BackTrac.

We started with 90 percent visually different pages and went to 39 percent.

As a result of the project, a few new features were introduced. First, a fast page jump was created for users to easily jump to a specific page in the Diff.


This allows users to easily jump back to a section of the diff and continue the review process.

Another feature was the ability to star a particular diff.


Now it is possible to mark a specific diff and come back to it later. This feature was particularly useful for QA engineers to bookmark the diff they worked on.

Contact us if you are doing a one-to-one migration or replatform project and find out how BackTrac can help you to be successful!