Visual testing for Drupal development. Fast start.

Standard practice in drupal development is to have multiple environments. Usually site is developed locally, code pushed to repository that deploys it to some development environment (where work from multiple developers is merged). Then after reaching some state site is release to staging environment where client can see site working and approve its state. And of course live production environment.

How we can benefit from automated visual testing in this workflow?

Best and fastest way to test your site prior doing delopment to production environment from staging is to visually compare pages.

Create a project in BackTrac

When you creating your first project you can specify URL of your production environment and crawl the site to grab more links to be scanned.

After project is created you would need to add its staging environment. This can be done on Project's settings page under Environments tab.

It is good practice to keep staging environment protected with basic authentication. No worries, we handle this situation nicely. You can provide credentials in the settings form.


Sync the database between production and staging to keep the content the same

For visual testing it is extremely important to sync the content so system won't display changes related to content instead of broken styles. If you are using Acquia for example it is one drag-drop operation. You need to drag db from production to staging environment.

Now you should be good to go.


Create report

To trigger the checking you need to press "Compare" button on your project's main page and wait for the report.

After some time (shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes) you will receive email notification with link to report where you would be able to see the results of your testing.

Example of the Diff report can be

Hopefully you won't discover too many bugs. And if you have, great we were able to help you to catch them before they land on your production.

Happy testing.