Q What constitutes an "url" in your pricing structure? We have multiple deployments that interact with each other.
A URL means. Lets say you would like to test Beside of the frontpage you will also like to check other pages like or These are separate URLs. So more pages you would like to be covered, more URLs you will need. Generally speaking projects are usually vary from 10-15 key pages to up to a 50-60. But we have tested our tool with thousands as well.

Q We currently have a stack of behat tests we run when a pull request is triggered in gitHub. Can we leverage those tests with your backTrac?
A Behat tests are functional testing. We do not have much integration with it. You will need to run your BackTrac tests as a separate job.

Q What's your integration with other tools (e.g. github, tugboat, jira, to name a few).
A It is definitively possible to run BackTrac tests on your builds. We have clients who do that with But we all use just REST API of BackTrac ( You can simply trigger POST request from shell command to run the tests from your build script.

Q So what about comparing/testing the results of form posts? Is this supported, or is it just GET requests that are comparable?
A It is just GET requests. So our bots simply open the pages and make screenshots. What is possible is to login the bot. So you could take screenshots as authenticated user.

Q How is BackTrac different to AppliTools
A Main difference between our tool and AppliTools is that we do not require our users to write any tests. We just ask for the list of URLs and then we take it from there. I believe AppliTools is more advanced tool as you can run screenshots at different stage of your tests execution. Also of course I think algorithms to identify changes between screenshots are different too.

Q Can we set up similar tool myself?
A Yes, absolutely. You can set up open source solution for taking screenshots and compare them with imagemagick. The only proprietary tool we use is algorithm to compare images more efficiently. For functional testing you can use behat or selenium. Here is a nice tutorial about Selenium by the way.