Add visual testing to your Continuous Integration. Wait for snapshot to complete

Classical situation in development is when you have multiple environments: Dev, Stage and Production. But what if you would like to test only one environment isolated without comparing it to the others? It can be a good idea if you have too many content changes happening. Or maybe your database is too big and it takes too much time to sync the environments to avoid visual false positives because of the content.

Integration with SLACK

We are happy to announce that we have implemented Slack integration.

Set up your custom User-Agent

Happy to introduce you to the new feature of BackTrac — possibility to set up custom User-Agent header for our bots.

Web page screenshot. What can go wrong?

The idea of visual regression testing of websites is very easy on the surface. Essentially you just need to create webpage screenshot and compare them. However, it is much harder in practice vs. the concept. Let's see what can go wrong with creating screenshots.

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Case Study YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities

Discover how big non-profit organization benefits from using automated visual testing in replatform project.

Case Study:

Lets see how our visual regression testing tool can check real life project on example of