Acquia Cloud visual regression testing integration

We are happy to announce a new feature -- easier integration for Acquia hosting platform using Acquia Cloud Hooks.

This allows automation of testing during your deployments to catch visual regressions that you might introduce.

Integration allows to visually test your Dev and Stage (Test) environments by comparing them.

So when you do deployment to Dev environment, you compare Dev vs Stage. When you run deployment to Stage environment you compare Stage with Prod.

How you can enable this integration for your project?

First of all you need to generate you API Key that can be done under your profile.

After you have created your project and set up everything under REST API tab you can find a link to download an archive with Cloud Hooks.

Then you can extract the files to your Acquia repository and integration will start working.

How it works?

We are using post-code-deploy and post-code-update hooks to trigger the jobs. In both cases file hooks/backtrac/deploy.php got executed that reads configuration from hooks/backtrac/backtrac.yml file.

Here is a structure of the configuration YAML file.

Structure of the YAML file is pretty self explanatory. What is important to know is once you placed this configuration the list of URIs from the file supercedes the configuration in the BackTrac UI. So you can control the list of pages to be scanned from the code.

You are more than welcome to check our github repo for the code samples.

Couple of notes

Of course some deployments are more complex than just pull the database and push the code. For example you would need to clear caches, run hook updates, clear varnish caches and many more. In any case proposed integration is only minimal to show you the basics. We are more than happy to assist you with setting up BackTrac for your more complex deployments. Please reach out.