Add visual testing to your Continuous Integration. Wait for snapshot to complete

Classical situation in development is when you have multiple environments: Dev, Stage and Production. But what if you would like to test only one environment isolated without comparing it to the others? It can be a good idea if you have too many content changes happening. Or maybe your database is too big and it takes too much time to sync the environments to avoid visual false positives because of the content.

In this case you would want to run set of screenshots before the deployment and after it. In this way you will have same content so all the regressions will be because of CSS.

The tricky part here is how long your screenshots will run. You wouldn't like to start the deployment before all the screenshots are taken.

This is why we developed API call to check the status of the snapshot job. Also we have built a bash script that you can set up in your CI tool. This script runs snapshot, waits till it is done and then triggers deployment and run another snapshot and compare operation.

Welcome to give this script a try and let me know if you need any assistance. Happy to help!