Case Study:

Lets see how our visual regression testing tool can check real life project on example of We are going to compare production environment with staging environment https://drupal:[email protected] to see if there are any differences. For this we will use BackTrac feature Compare environments that is one of the basic functionalities and easiest to set up.

After settings up the project and removing staging top red banner as well as ads, here are our findings.


Search page (link)

Search is not enabled on Staging environment. See slider view.


Start page (link)

Probably because of search problem blocks "Most popular modules" and "Most popular themes" do not work. See slider view.


Drupal services (link)

Order of companies on Drupal Services page is different. See slider view.


Try Drupal (link)

Order of sponsors is different. See slider view.


You can review the full report yourself

All scanning took us around 10 minutes to set up and about 5 to run.

In just a few minutes of glancing over diffs, we're able to spot several discrepancies prod and staging version of, and easily create tickets to fix them. If you think your project might benefit from BackTrack, sign up for our free account and give it a try.


Some technical details of how to set project up.

As the website have some advertising, we have masked the ads using selector 'iframe' and also we have removed top bar from the staging environment by deleting elements with selector #drupalorg-site-status.

Here is how settings page looked like:

We also disabled gif animation from Advanced tab of settings.

Pleae let us know if you face any problems setting up your project. We are happy to help!