Compare multiple environments

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BackTrac allows you to compare your website visually between multiple environments. For example, you can easily preview changes on your test environment before push them to live. Create up to three environments and compare them with the push of a button.



Monitor visual changes on your website

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Just as website backup has become a regular part of everyday operations, BackTrac’s powerful monitoring capabilities allows you to create visual backups of your website and alerts you whenever unwanted changes occur.




Check hundreds of sites and thousands of URLs at once

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Need to test 10, 100, 1000 websites? Need to test websites in multiple languages? Multisite manager gives site owners the power to test hundreds of websites with thousands of URLs in a short burst of time. Aggregated reports are delivered to give real time critical information on the visual health of the websites.

APIs to integrate with your development workflows

Extensive APIs allow you to easily integrate visual testing into your workflow. Whether you use Continuous Integration (CI) processes or Development Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosting, it can be incorporated easily into your development/deployment workflow.



Test websites as logged in users. Useful for intranet or community portals.

Anonymous Reports

Access testing/monitoring reports for non-platform users.


Email Notifications

Automatic email notifications for test results or alerts.

Exclude site elements

Exclude part of the website such as ad banners from visual testings.


Multiple Breakpoints

Check websites in multiple responsive breakpoints for mobile/tablet, etc.

URL/Sitemap scanner

Automatically import site URLs from sitemap or internal links.